Upcoming Events I Will Attend 2/24/2020 Daytona and 2/25/2020 Ormond w/ Ambassador Nancy Soderberg

I’ll be at the Volusia County Democratic Party monthly meeting:

Daytona Beach DEC meeting on 2/24/2020:

Daytona State College / UCF Building 150 Auditorium
Monday, February 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Please come out and see everyone!

I’ll be at this free forum with Ambassador Nancy Soderberg and others at the Ormond Beach library:

Building a Better Community, One Word at a Time.

Ormond Beach event on 2/25/2020

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Ormond Beach Public Library, Auditorium
30 S. Beach St.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Discussing Medicare for All and Wait Times

My comment discussing wait times and Medicare for All with a friend who has Canadian friends who sometimes come to the USA and pay out-of-pocket for faster treatment:

I think Medicare for All will be better for everyone overall. Some reports being put out are backed by vested interests in the present system… they will say long wait times are inevitable with M4A but I don’t agree and other reports such as this one are more fairly written.

One item mentioned is that it would help if advanced nurses had more autonomy. In Florida presently they can only work in a practice overseen by a physician although a Florida Senate Bill is trying to change this.

Of course, if we stopped treating MDs and DOs so badly in terms of how much they have to borrow to get through school and low-paid residencies working way over 40 hours per week, that would help. As a PhD student I was fully taxpayer funded… but med students must pay huge bills? We about 1.1 million doctors vs. 1.35 million lawyers in the USA. Pretty ridiculous. This will take a while to change of course.

What kind of specialists are your Canadian friends waiting for? I think overall, Canadian health outcomes are better. From an NPR All Things Considered interview:

On the issue of long wait times and physician availability

I think its critical for people to know that when Canadians are seriously sick — when the issue is urgent — they don’t wait. So this myth that people are sort of dying in the streets, waiting for care is just that — a myth. Part of the reason that we know that is because our health outcomes are good. When compared to the U.S., outcomes for a whole variety of different diagnoses — including life expectancy, including infant mortality — all of these things actually, the Canadian system delivers as good or better care on average across the population than we see in the U.S.

But you are absolutely right, when people have a non-urgent issue in Canada, sometimes they wait. Sometimes they wait, in my opinion, too long. That’s something we’re really grappling with here is trying to figure out how we’re going to deal with that.

Some articles are from biased sources. For instance, Sally Pipes and the Pacific Research Institute are not neutral sources… They endorse libertarianist principles which don’t hold up well in the face of actual data.

A note on libertarianism:: Libertarian principles sound good as ideals but don’t hold up well with actual humans. If you live in a food desert, you’ll eat more junk food. If not for Social Security, Americans will NOT put aside huge sums of money throughout their working career for their retirement.

Update on My Campaign Thus Far, February 23, 2020

A Facebook friend asked me how my campaign is going thus far and I wrote this.

I think I’m doing pretty well being that I started as an unknown last month and have no staff or volunteers. I don’t have signs and haven’t begun to canvas. It’s tough because I teach online at UCF too and have a baby, and need to learn how to canvas and also handle many other items like getting logos designed, signs and literature, et cetera, plus I’m probably going to a bit too many Democratic club meetings and events. Of course, I need to improve my fundraising skills too. I did just get a $25 monthly recurring donation from a Daytona Beach lady and have raised $305 so far plus will put in $10,440 of my own money for the ballot access fee and some other monies not to exceed $10,000.

There are no other Democratic challengers who have emerged, so as-of present I am confident I will defeat Clint Curtis in the primary and become the Democratic nominee for Florida’s 6th Congressional district. Even if I don’t defeat Michael Waltz I’ll have a large platform then to help the Democratic nominee for president (most likely Bernie Sanders). Candidates must qualify by 4/24/2020 with their payment of $10,440 or 5,479 petitions submitted by 3/23/2020, and the primary is on 8/18/2020.

On Medicare for All and Bernie Sanders, February 23, 2020

Here are my February 22–23, 2020 statements on Medicare for All and Bernie Sanders on Twitter and Facebook. Congrats to Bernie for winning the Nevada caucus in a landslide!

The United States of America is the granddaddy of all unions. The Constitution was ordained “in Order to form a more perfect Union.” #Medicare4All puts the power of that big, beautiful union behind YOU. Hospitals will benefit—more are closing in states that REFUSED Medicaid!

If “socialism” is the bogeyman, why did Republicans expand* the Child Tax Credit in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and make it refundable to those who didn’t pay in? Shouldn’t it be eliminated?

*Only thru 2025 whereas giveaways to the rich are permanent.

Look at BernieTax.com—it’s a 4% new tax for Medicare for All at all brackets, plus higher taxes at high income levels (like it used to be before 1987), which is much less than what most Americans spend on healthcare already. #Medicare4All

Bernie Sanders’s movement is electric and we must unite the left behind him. He will crush the incumbent child-caging pardon-selling blowhard and bring systematic change benefitting 99%+ of Americans that is so long overdue. #Medicare4All #GreenNewDeal #NevadaCaucus #BlueWave

False equivalence fallacy from right-wing propagandists: Bernie has 3 houses! He’s just as bad as BP and the Koch brothers!

I think an insurance intermediary would raise costs overall… Somewhere. Either on the government, the plan member, or both.

The Urban Institute is estimating that Bernie’s plan will cost the federal government an additional $3.2 trillion a year, which of course is a massive expansion of federal spending added to the existing $4.6 trillion budget. But, this doesn’t involve new costs—but rather a shifting from individuals, employers, and state and local governments to the federal government. The 4% Medicare for All flat income tax makes up for it on individuals while being more equitable than what we have now, whereas governments and employers should also be expected to chip in.

The Urban Institute is predicting increased overall healthcare costs nationwide due to more people receiving more healthcare, although lower per-unit costs. As long as they are receiving necessary care, this is an improvement over going without. Keep in mind there are several versions of Medicare for All. Bernie’s eliminates deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and prescription costs, and also doesn’t include a means test. Social Security isn’t means tested either—even Warren Buffett can get it.

Medicare for All may seem radical now, but if you step back, what we have now with so many different systems and uninsured people is actually pretty radical. If Social Security and Medicare didn’t exist, we would think it’s awful to propose these programs now along with adding a 15.3% payroll tax. If the natural splendor of Manhattan wasn’t leveled in the early 19th century, we would never do it now… bad analogy, I know. 🙂

Note that the Urban Institute is refuted by many on the basis that administration of health insurance and care is 34% of total costs but, like with existing Medicare and Medicaid, this will be much lower under Medicare for All.

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I am putting in lots of my own money to get the word out and support our Democratic clubs, but I need more for door hang tags, signs, shirts, banners, buttons, & more.

Here are some things I’ve paid for already:

1/02/2020: $20.00 to join Southwest Volusia Democratic Club
1/08/2020: $25.00 to join Port Orange Democratic Club
1/08/2020: $45.00 for Lake County Democratic Party Winter Breakfast on 1/25/2020
1/10/2020: $162.40 for Mary McLeod Bethune gala in Deltona on 1/17/2020
1/21/2020: $25.00 to join Northeast Volusia Democratic Club
1/23/2020: $25.00 to join Northwest Volusia Democratic Club
2/12/2020: $15.00 to join Volusia LGBTQ+ Caucus
2/13/2020: $25.00 to join Ormond Beach Democratic Club
2/18/2020: $100.00 for Black and Blue gala in Daytona Beach on 2/29/2020
2/20/2020: $20.00 to join Volusia Young Democrats
Banners × 2: $64.23 to Vista Print
Business cards × 3,000: $63.87 to Staples
Various mileage for driving to events
Various printing of materials at home

Please pitch in if you can! Even a small contribution helps.

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